Welcome to Mirain Labradors, South African owner of labradors and occasional breeder of labradors.
Mirain Labradors carefully select and breed yellow, black and chocolate labrador puppies.

"Mirain" is Gaelic for handsome, beauty, pleasantly sweet and of fair aspect which is a very apt description of the much loved labrador retriever.

Our History

I was brought up with labradors, my folks bred labradors and I have personally been owned by a labrador for 3 decades.

My kids (and now my grandson) shared their toys and food with our labs and a lab “kiss” fixed many a scrapped knee.

When my kids finished school I decided to show and breed this adorable breed and have made many friends along the way.

Our Beliefs

Our labradors are family pets and when we are home they spend their time inside with us and sleep in our bedrooms.

The labrador puppies are whelped and brought up inside our home and are very well cared for by their mom and the rest of the family.

We are a very small scale breeder and have only 1 litter a year from my labrador girls, currently this is 1 litter per year.

About Our Puppies

Mirain is registered with KUSA and all puppies will be registered.

A contract will be drawn up between the purchaser and seller to protect both parties and puppies.

Make sure you read our section on how to select a healthy, happy labrador puppy and familiarize yourself with a labradors health as well.

Our Labradors Diet

Our dogs are fed on Hills Science Plan, which is what the puppies will be weaned on and a free Hills Puppy Pack is given to each new owner when they collect the puppy.